Quality Video Content

Quality video content

quality contentSeveral years ago I started blogging with pure quality video content.  I still strive to make that top priority in my blogging.   I made quality my first priority because, in all honesty, in the beginning I was completely ignorant of the role of SEO factors.  I didn’t even want to know about them.  I assumed that search engines could figure out by the unique nature of my writing that it was relevant.  One learns to do that with video marketing training

And guess what?  I was at least more than half correct!  You can do video marketing on YouTube

Regular growth proven with no focus on SEO at all

My blog on spirituality, www.StirlingWattscs.com , grew at a regular and consistent rate with no attention at all paid to SEO factors.  That was my first effort at building and maintaining a blog over the long term.  Over a period of two to three years, I submitted from one to two inspired and completely original articles to that blog each week. Looking for a video SEO coach.

My intention was to write from the heart and to reach people without following any prescribed rule system.  By the time I reached a level of around 200 articles, the number of unique visitors to that site grew from only a handful per month to a peak value varying between 2500 to 3000 per month.

quality content

There’s a sale on sincerity. Buy now!

Since that time the traffic is down on that site simply by virtue of the fact that most of my time has been redirected to our SEO business.  The fact remains that I built a significant readership and a set of dedicated followers simply by writing quality articles.  SEO occurred naturally. It’s not a grand and huge example of success, but it makes my point well enough.

I have come across a few other websites that have been successful by virtue of the same way of thought.  On a recent video I discussed a great goat website called www.fiascofarm.com.  This is an example of a great information packed site which drives volumes of traffic simply because the webmaster has been honest and consistent over an extended period of time. Promoting business with video and the learning how to make YouTube videos.

Ever evolving crawler algorithms

Search engines continuously crawl the internet looking for new material and changed material.  Since the beginning, this describes how they have worked.  They also continually build new indexes based on the latest findings.  Those continually developing indexes are the basis of the order and contents of search results.

As time and human thought has advanced, search engine models of what’s actually going on with changes in online content has become increasingly better.  Today, crawler algorithms judge web content much more accurately than they did just a couple of years back.  In earlier days, search engines were more easily tricked by fraudulent content.  When crawling algorithms were less sophisticated, anyone with a basic knowledge of how they functioned could outsmart them.  Now they are more difficult to outsmart with trickery.

Then, what’s the NEW solution to having your content ranked high by search engines?

The solution is the same as it always has been!  Part of the new solution is a wiser backlink strategy, but an important part of the solution is still quality content.  Google is getting smarter, but there will always be ways to outsmart them.  But you will never go wrong by producing quality content, even if only for the development of your own brand.  Quality builds your brand and your brand authority.

As in every department of life, in proportion as you stay away from deception and trickery,  in the same proportion do you find satisfaction and success.  Quality content can, of course, be supplemented by a little bit of attention to detail and knowledge of how the crawlers analyze your content.

You will be most successful through the practice of earnest hard work and sincerity. I have already proven this for myself by demonstrating a history of driving relatively high volumes of traffic by simply being honest and straightforward.

There’s a lot more to say!

I could go on and on about the use of search engine optimization software and other shortcuts that try to trump quality content.  I believe in avoiding them all simply as shortcuts per se , because there are really no actual shortcuts in life.

That’s not to say that once we are up to speed, that there aren’t a lot of useful time saving tools.  There are!   But there is a time and a place for time saving shortcuts.  Remember how calculators were not allowed in certain math courses?

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quality content

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